Meet Our Team

The Fallgatter Rhodes team is comprised of many talented individuals who are all dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Executive Sales Team

  • Rolly Rhodes

    Rolly Rhodes


  • John Fallgatter

    John Fallgatter

    Problem Solver

  • Greg Sceales

    Greg Sceales

    Vice President

  • Greg Hash

    Greg Hash

    Vice President

  • Duncan Harris

    Duncan Harris

    Benefits Representative

  • Chad Rhodes

    Chad Rhodes

    Sales Agent

  • Kathy Lundgren

    Kathy Lundgren

  • Christie Rodriguez

    Christie Rodriguez

  • Denise Ornelas

    Denise Ornelas

    Sales Manager

Commercial Lines Team

  • Sue Hintz, ACSR

    Sue Hintz, ACSR

    Commercial Lines Manager, Notary Public

  • Karenda Gilman, ACSR

    Karenda Gilman, ACSR

    Commercial Lines Department

  • Melissa Royal, CISR

    Melissa Royal, CISR

    Risk Placement Manager

  • Mariel Sanchez

    Mariel Sanchez

    Employee Benefits

  • Erica Iriarte

    Erica Iriarte

    Commercial Lines Department

  • Khira Kutz

    Khira Kutz

    Commerical Lines Assistant

  • Maureen Manning

    Maureen Manning

Personal Lines Team

  • Linda Hoffman

    Linda Hoffman

    Personal Lines Manager

  • Liz Ituralde

    Liz Ituralde

    Personal Lines Assistant

  • Nichole Hernandez

    Nichole Hernandez

    Personal Lines Assistant

  • Melinda VanScoy

    Melinda VanScoy

    Personal Lines Agent

  • Lisa Aguinaga, PLCS

    Lisa Aguinaga, PLCS

    Personal Lines Agent

  • Lupe Jauregue

    Lupe Jauregue

    Personal Lines Agent

  • Crystal Bartels

    Crystal Bartels

    Personal Lines Agent, Claims Representative

Employee Benefits Team

  • Laraine Badilla, CISR

    Laraine Badilla, CISR

    Employee Benefits

  • Yesenia Navarro

    Yesenia Navarro

  • Joanna Gonzales

    Joanna Gonzales

  • Miguel Nunez

    Miguel Nunez


  • Gail Lack

    Gail Lack

    Accounting Department

  • Kathy West

    Kathy West

    Accounting Department

  • Gregory Kataoka

    Gregory Kataoka