A Sad Story

My son was turning one and my wife wanted to throw him a big party… as many mothers do apparently. So, she decided on a fishing theme; then she made invitations, decorations for the house and yard, snacks, food, a candy bar, ordered a special cake, cleaned the house, got everything ready, and probably so much more that I am not aware of.

My Teenage Driver

Picturing our babies behind the wheel is something every parent must face eventually, as hard as it is to imagine! I get calls all the time regarding teen drivers. The first question is usually “When do I need to add my teenager to my policy?” The answer to that is, once your teenager has obtained their driver’s permit, you should call and add them to your auto policy.

Why Business Owners of all sizes need Human Resource Support.

If you had to ask a business owner what is the hardest part of running a business; they will tell you it’s the people. You can have the best ideas, provide a service everyone wants, or sell something that is essential to your customers, but if you don’t hire the right people it can hurt the business by hindering growth or worse, increase costs that can put you out of business.